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Jurica Fudurić, M.D.

general and vascular surgeon

After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka in 2008, he started work at the Karlovac General Hospital. After completing his internship, he began his residency program in general surgery at the Karlovac General Hospital. He became a board certified general surgeon in 2014 and a subspecialist in the field of vascular surgery in 2018.

He trained in all areas of vascular surgery including vascular Doppler, minimally invasive surgery techniques in the fields of general and vascular surgery and sclerotherapy.

He is also the author and co-author of several professional and scientific papers in internationally indexed scientific journals and has actively participated in numerous national and international congresses and conferences.

He is a member of the Croatian Society of Surgery and the Croatian Society for Vascular Surgery.

In his daily work he deals with all aspects of vascular surgery and in the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital his area of interest is modern treatment of venous pathology.


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