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Gordana Matijević, M. D.

specialist in internal medicine subspecialization in cardiology

Gordana Matijević, M. D.,  specialist in internal medicine subspecialization in cardiology, studied and graduated in medicine in 1986 at the Medical Faculty of the Freie University in West Berlin, where she worked as a counselor at the Arbeiterwohlfahrt - Women's Counseling Center. In February 1991 she returned to Croatia where she worked as a family doctor in Ambulance Lovinac, and then as a doctor accompanied by special and police units until 1992. She completed specialization in internal medicine in Zagreb, Clinic Sestre milosrdnice, and subspecialization in cardiology as well as education in echocardiography at the Clinical Hospital Dubrava. Doppler ultrasound diagnostics of vascular diseases. She gained clinical experience working as an internist at the General Hospital Gospić and Zabok, and from 2007 to 2017 working in the Intensive Care Unit of the Special Hospital for Lung Diseases in Rockefeller in Zagreb, the last 2 years as the head of the intensive care unit.

A special area of ​​interest related to intensive care was chronic pulmonary heart disease, pulmonary hypertension and NIV (non-invasive mechanical ventilation). Since 2017. she work in the outpatient sector.
2017/2018. she completed a course in the basics of medical acupuncture and received a diploma from the Croatian Acupuncture Society

She is a member of the Croatian Medical Chamber,the European Cardiology Society, the Croatian Cardiac Society and the Croatian Acupuncture Society

Professional interests: echocardiography, pharmacology in cardiology, preventive medicine, acupuncture pain therapy

She regularly participate in domestic and international congresses, symposia, educational courses and continuing education programs and and publishes professional articles.

She joined the team of the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital in 2021.

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