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Dražen Perkov, M.D., Ph.D.

primarius, radiology specialist, vascular radiologist, interventional radiology subspecialist

He graduated on the University of Zagreb School of Medicine in 1999. He has been interns in periode 1999 to 2000 and he was passed in 2000. the state exam for physicians. From 200. to 2004 he was a ward physician at the Psychiatric Clinic Vrapče Zagreb. He began residency in Radiology in 2004 at the University Hospital Center Zagreb. The Radiology Certification Exam was passed in 2008. He has started Residency in Interventional Radiology in 2010 and passing the Interventional Radiology Certification Exam in 2012. He is permanently employed at the Departement for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of University Hospital Center Zagreb. He graduated on the Biomedicine and Health Sciences PhD Programme and at the Specialist Postgraduate Study in Radiology at the University of Zagreb at the Faculty of Medicine. He defended his PhD dissertation at the University of Zagreb at the Medical School in 2015 and gained the title of Doctor of Science.

He is a postdoctoral researcher on Radiology Department School of Medicine University of Zagreb. He is a lecturer in many Postgraduate Study at the School of Medicine in Zagreb. He attended several trainings held at clinics and institutes abroad. He was an active participant in international and domestic congresses where he held over 50 lectures. He has actively participated in scientific projects and clinical trials. He is a member of the Croatian Society of Radiologists (HDR), the Section of Intervention Radiology of the Croatian Society of Radiologists (sIRcro), the European Society of Radiologists (ESR) and the Cardiovascular and Intervention Society of Europe (CIRSE). He is currently the President of Croatian Endovascular Initiative (HEVI) multidisiciplinary association for endovascular interventions. He is author of a series of scientific articles and posters, and 18 papers were published in journals indexed in Current Contenst.

His personal interests in interventional radiology and endovascular therapies are arterial interventions, aortic interventions, venous interventions, renal interventions, embolization and renal denervation (RDN). Also, his professional interest is vascular radiology and various imaging methods of blood vessels (US, Doppler, CT angiography, MR angiography).


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