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Alen Juginović, M.D.

Alen Juginović is a medical doctor working at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital in Zagreb, Croatia. He completed Medical School in Split, Croatia in 2018. During the study period, he was heavily involved in various national and international projects, as well as raising the quality of student life by co-founding the Sport, Art and Science Society and contributing in various other forms. He was the president of the Student Council for two terms and founded the Society for neuroscience NeuroSplit which organizes numerous lectures, workshops, charity projects and other during the year.

Alen participated in many scientific festivals and did lots of public lectures. He was the founder and president of the organizing committee of the International Congress „Practical Knowledge for Students“ in Split, Croatia, which in three year had more than 1000 students and professors from 27 countries and 34 nationalities worldwide, 2 Nobel Laureates, more than 160 workshops, lectures and other activities. Also, he organized many charity concerts with famous Croatian singers. In 2019, he was the president of the organizing committee of Nobel Days, a conference with 4 Nobel Prize Winners. He attended many international conferences and was a member of the organizing committee of the 2019 ISABS Conference which gathered 4 Nobel Laureates. He did two observership programs in the US (Milwaukee College of Medicine and Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, WI, USA; MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX, USA) and won two Rector's awards.

His field of interest is sleep medicine, neurology and neuroscience and he published articles in journals indexed in CC. From 2020 he is starting a position as a postdoctoral researcher at the Neurobiology Laboratory at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, USA. None of the success stories would not have been possible without a superb team of colleagues, friends and family.


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