Aleksandra Roglić, M.D., Radiologist

Dr. Aleksandra Roglić graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb and after receiving her diploma and passing her professional exam, she went to USA for professional training.

At the "Scripps Research Institute", the Department of Immunology at La Jolla, California., works as a research associate on a stand-alone cloning project and characterization of a new cellular receptor on the leukocyte membrane.

At La Jolla Institute of Allergies and Immunology, La Jolla, California., begins working as a research associate in the study of signal transduction mechanism in T lymphocytes and acquires the Postoctoral Training Certificate.

During her stay in the USA, she passes the nostrification exam and obtains the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Diplomacy (ECFMG) certificate.

After returning to Croatia, dr. Roglić is employed by KBC Rebro where she is doing radiology specialization, and in 2003 she is granted a radiology specialist license. In 2013 she takes the subspecialty exam in neuroradiology.

Dr. Aleksandra Roglić is also author and co-author of several professional and scientific papers in the field of molecular biology and neuroradiology and participant and lecturer at neuroradiology congresses at conferences in Croatia and abroad as well.

She is employed at the Clinical Institute for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of KBC Zagreb, and since October 2017 she became an external associate of the Special Hospital of Sv. Katarina.

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