Scientific Collaborations

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is a center of excellence for orthopedics, surgery, internal medicine, neurology and physical and rehabilitation medicine in Zabok with the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation infrastructure. St. Catherine is the only hospital in this part of Europe which enabels top diagnostics, optimal therapeutic and surgical approach and individualized rehabilitation in one place. To ensure the best quality health care to our patients, scientific collaborations with world-renowned world institutions. On that basis, we can exchange research results with everybody in the world to enhance the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. In collaboration with numerous hospitals, organizations, institutions, universities and others, we are achieving excellence results, not only in the field of clinical medicine, but in scientific publications as well. As evidence to that, St. Catherine is not only the official Hospital of the Croatia Football Federation, Croatian Tennis Federation and many top athletes, but also a place where personalized medicine, in collaboration with leading US health care institution Mayo Clinic, is done on a daily basis.


The collaboration with the start-up company of Mayo Clinic – OneOme in the field of pharmacogenomics, i.e. personalized medicine is extremely important to us. Furthermore, the American corporation Invitae is a quality partner in the field of proactive genetic tests with the aim of a personalized patient approach. Regarding this approach, the leading healthcare institution in the US Mayo clinic, i.e. their Center for individualized medicine has a fruitful collaboration with our hospital. All our centers have the patience and the primary focus and the personalized approach with the aim of the best quality of care.


Specialty Hospital St. Catherine is a center of excellence for advanced imaging, spine surgery treatment of pain (pain management) and sports medicine. We cooperate with leading European, American and Israeli clinics and specialists. In the area of minimally invasive spine surgery cooperation has been developed with experts from the United States (Caroline’s Pain Institute), in particular with one of the world’s leading experts on issues of treatment of pain Ph.D. Leonard Kapural.


Staff of the anesthesiology team is actively cooperating with the European (ESA, European Society of Anesthesiology) and American (IARs; International Anesthesia Research Society) Society of Anesthesiologists. Special cooperation is being developed in the field of treatment of acute and chronic pain as well as regional anesthesia and analgesia (European, and American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Therapy, ESRA, ASRA).


Partnering institution of the hospital St. Catherine for Radiology is a private Austrian diagnostic clinic “DIAGNOSTIKUM” (Vienna, Graz), which is an additional guarantee of quality of diagnostic health care services provided by Specialty Hospital St. Catherine.


Hospital St. Catherine is increasingly cooperating with experts from leading foreign clinics which guarantee the introduction of the highest standards and the latest methods and protocols in orthopedics, particularly in areas such as cellular, molecular and regenerative orthopedics, and tissue engineering.


Permanent education and continuous improvement are set as goals for all employees of the St. Catherine hospital. In fact, Specialty Hospital St. Catherine is a teaching base of the Medical Faculty of the University of Osijek, University Department of Health Studies, University of Split and the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. In addition to the professional sense, the physicians of the St. Catherine hospital are active scientists and lecturers at the Universities of Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Osijek. Since 21st November 2015 our hospital has become a teaching base for the University “Sjever”, the youngest Croatian University with about 3,000 students. Furthermore, we have quality collaboration with Wake Forest university and prof. Anthony Atala (Director of the Center for regenerative medicine) which shows the broad specter of collaboration St. Catherine has.


St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is extremely proud on the collaboration with the Croatian Football Federation and Croatian Tennis Federation where St. Catherine is the official hospital and top athletes can get treatment and diagnostic procedures. Furthermore, active partnership on the field of glycans and the association of them with numerous disorders is done in collaboration with Genos Ltd., while in other fields St. Catherine closely collaborates with Unfallkrankenhaus-Berlin and Regiomed Klinikum, the leading German hospitals.

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