Obitelj/family Abdulkerimov

I would like to thank our surgeon Dr. Darko Antičević for an amazingly done job, and to the anesthesiologist who was present all through the surgery.
Thank you to all the doctors of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, and the entire medical staff for their professional and dedicated work. We would also like to thank Natalija Zalović, our interpreter for being an outstanding human and giving us support during those trying times, for being available to us at all times and for translating everything for us. We are very satisfied with everything.
Once again, thank you! May God bless you all!

Mitrofanova Kristina

We loved everything about this hospital. The treatment from the doctors and the entire medical staff was superb. Even the food was amazing. Everybody treated my son with great care, and always managed to make time for him.
Special thanks to our surgeon Dr. Darko Antičević, to the anesthesiologist and everyone who participated in the operation. I bow to you all! Also, we would like to thank Natalija Zalović, our coordinator. She was available to us at all the time of the day and night. She helped us very much from the time of our arrival to the time of the operation. She was there for us during all those days we were in the hospital. We are very happy that we made a choice to come to your hospital.
Thank you very, very much!!

Obitelj/family Rotary

Our daughter Rotary Liubov had a left shin surgery in St. Catherine hospital in Zabok on May 15th, 2017. 
We would like to truly thank the entire staff of St. Catherine, to the orthopedic department, Professor Dr. Darko Antičević (and to his hands of gold), to the anesthesiologist, and all the medical professionals and nurses who were present during the surgery for an amazingly done job and all the care they showed!
We would specially like to thank Natalija Zalović for her assistance, interpreting, all the care and support she showed to us.
To the entire staff we wish best of luck in their professional endeavors, and we appreciate all the hard and dedicated work they’ve been doing.
Thank you everyone!

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