Petra Marinac


I must emphasize my satisfaction with Dr. Snježana Komadina, M.D., specialist in dermatology and venereology, but also with the rest of the medical staff of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. I brought my daughter Petra to the first examination to Dr. Komadina. I came to the examination worried and afraid about her condition, but the approach of the doctor and the medical staff of the Hospital quickly dispelled my initial concern and uncertainty. Snježana Komadina, M.D. is extremely patient and kind, she explained everything to me in detail and reassured me about Petra's condition. I would especially like to highlight Dr. Komadina's approach and way of communicating with children. From the first moment, she easily established contact with Petra, which is why she didn't take the smile off her face during the entire examination and was not afraid at all. For both of us, this was a really positive and pleasant experience, so we will definitely continue to visit Snježana Komadine, M.D. in St. Catherine.

In the photo with our Snježana Komadina, M.D., specialist in dermatology and venereology.

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