Marta Pranjić


I had a sports injury of a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament and now, after surgery, I am feeling much better. After a month I walk without crutches and orthoses, already bending my leg at the knee. Recovery is going in the best possible direction. And I hope to play the basketball again. I would like to recommend the team on the department who prepared me for surgery. During the operation, my mother was informed about the course of the operation. They recognized her concern and fear and they were with her. We cannot describe expertise, humanity, attention of Željko Jeleč, M.D, Ph.D. After the operation, he explained and answered all our questions again and again, and most importantly, he knew everything about my great love - basketball. He treated me like a doughter, which meant a lot to me. The second day after the surgery I was already walking with the help of two crutches and an orthosis and the wonderful, patient physiotherapist Renato.

I started my rehabilitation four days after the operation in Zagreb. Physiotherapist Filip works individually with me. My parents and the whole team of St. Catherine gives me support and help.

One big THANKS to all the team of the St. Catherine Hospital for all the attention, care, cordiality, care, expertise, humanity that you give us. If I had to have surgery again, I would definitely go to doc. Jeleč and St. Catherine Hospital.

The patient underwent reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament and the procedure was performed by Željko Jeleč, Orthopedic Surgeon.

Hasan Mujakić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

I would like to thank the entire team of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, from doctors to nurses, for their kindness and complete service. I underwent all specialist examinations in St. Catherine and finally spinal surgery.

I will recommend your services to everyone and emphasize the kindness of your team and the expertise of medical work.

The patient underwent lumbar microdiscectomy and the procedure was performed by Krešimir Saša Đurić, M.D., Ph. D., specialist in Neurosurgery.

Silvija Kuharić


I am grateful for the densitometry I won. I am delighted with the approach of the entire team of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. The service is at a high level and the new ambience is wonderful. All recommendations for the St. Catherine Hospital.

At the photo with Tara Stojaković, bacc. med. rad.

Ivana Šuto


I thank St. Catherine Specialty Hospital for the densitometry I received and really needed. I am very satisfied with every step, from the first contact to the reception and processing. The whole team is great and the ambience is very pleasant. Congratulations!

At the photo with Zvonimir Matić, bacc. radiol. techn.

Alexandra Maria Fabris

You really are so wonderfully kind, thank you! It was a really scary thing for me to have this operation in a foreign country without even the language skills to help me ‘connect’. You and all your colleagues were AMAZING!!! Truly, with all my heart, I wish to thank one and all for the amazing experience I had at the hospital. Whenever we need medical attention, my sons and I will only ever go to St. Catherine!

The patient underwent reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament and the procedure was performed by Trpimir Vrdoljak, M. D., Orthopedic Surgeon.

Ivana Vrdoljak


I would like to thank the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital on a won mammography. 2 years ago, as an employed woman, I realized that health care is extremely important and I decided on a managerial systematic examination at St. Catherine. I was delighted with the service and expertise of the whole team and especially with the fact that everything can be done in one place because we know that time is crucial today. In St. Catherine I also did a diagnostic genetic test for hereditary diseases. The whole service is quick and easy. This is my first the award I won and I am very happy and delighted with the examination which was pleasant and easy.

At the photo with Tihana Benčić, nurse.

Barbara Huljek

Partial knee arthroplasty

After many years of knee pain, I decided to have an examination at St. Catherine Hospital because I had good recommendations for a professional team of orthopedists. I had my first examination with Trpimir Vrdoljak, M. D., Orthopedic Surgeon who explained in such simple language and with a lot of patience why my knee hurts and what should I do to be able to walk normally again.

I decided to have surgery by dr. Vrdoljak and I must mention that the second day after the operation I normally stood on my own feet and walked with the help of crutches. Every day my progress was huge and crutches were needed less and less. Most importantly I walk normally and have no pain. I feel reborn at the age of 79.

I would like to thank Dr. Vrdoljak, but also the entire medical team who were always available to me during my stay in the hospital. They were kind, smiling, so they certainly contributed to my faster recovery.

I thank everyone and will definitely recommend your esteemed institution to my friends.

The patient underwent partial knee arthroplasty and the procedure was performed by Trpimir Vrdoljak, M. D., Orthopedic Surgeon.

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