Ultrasound of the Heart with Contractility Analysis, Heart Morphology Evaluation and Hemodynamic Studies Color Doppler Examination

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The ultrasound of the heart shows the structures of the heart, ventricles and the atriums, hear valves through which blood flows, structures around the heart, the way how heart functions, the initial part of the aorta, and gives us very valuable information about the condition of the heart and its work.

Ultrasound is not capable of showing coronary blood vessels, which are supplying the myocardium with oxygen supply and where, if there is a process called atherosclerosis, a heart attack (myocardial infarction) occurs.

The flow of coronary arteries can indirectly be evaluated by ultrasound of the heart, by observing the segmental contractility of the heart muscle, which is an integral part of each ultrasound examination.

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