Pain Management

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Pain management center

Pain is a symptom of damage to different tissues or nervous structures that transmit pain, so we differentiate nociceptive pain and neuropathic pain. By its duration, we differentiate between acute (short-term) and chronic (long-lasting) pain. Pain is the most common consequence of various degenerative illnesses of the locomotor system that have the phase of remission and the phase of worse pain.

The absence of pain is one of the basic human rights. Pain has always been cured in various ways, and modern doctrines promote multidisciplinary and individual approaches.

The main goal is to significantly reduce pain, because in painful syndromes chronic pain develops over a number of years and endangers the patient's physical and mental health. Sometimes diagnostic procedures can not find the root cause of pain so we have to treat it symptomatically.

The pain management center deals with acute and chronic pain problems through a comprehensive and holistic approach. The focus is to treat the patient by solving each of his problems causing the pain and the inability to live a fulfilled life.

This complex approach of dealing with painful conditions is called "PAIN MANAGEMENT". It is performed by a multidisciplinary team of experts (radiologist, specialist of physical medicine and rehabilitation, general surgeon, neurosurgeon, specialist of orthopaedic surgery, anaesthesiologist etc.), and this is where the Specialty hospital St. Catherine is unique in Croatia.

Liječenje boli

In our Pain management center we treat following conditions:

a) Acute and chronic pain of the locomotor system (Coxarthrosis, Gonarthrosis, Artritis rheumatoides, Osteoarthritis)

b) Acute and chronic pain of the spine (Sy cervicobrachialis, Sy thoracale, Sy lumbosacralis, Lumboishialgia)

c) FBSS (engl. Failed back surgery syndrome)

d) Regional Pain Syndrome

e) Neuropathic pain (Herpes zoster acuta,Neuralgia n.trigemini,Polyneuropathia diabetica), painful peripheral neuropathies

f) Acute and Chronic pain of muscles (Fibromialgia)

g) Headaches

h) Chronic malignant pain

i) Phantom pain

Liječenje boli
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