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When to do physical therapy

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The procedures of physical therapy and rehabilitation are applied with:

  • Acute pain conditions of the joint (injuries, strains of the joints and/or ligaments)
  • Chronic pain conditions (arthrosis of the joints, especially the hips and knees) where it is important to stop the development of a degenerative process.
  • Before the planned surgery, whether minimally invasive procedures (arthroscopy of the knee, shoulder, ankle or some procedure on the spine) or classic orthopedic surgeries (artificial joint implantation) are concerned, the strengthening of the targeted group of muscles improves the general condition of the patient for the postoperative course to be as painless and quickest as possible to enable the body a fast recovery. This is especially important for athletes which must return to the sports field as soon as possible.
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation after surgery is an important factor which determines the course and speed of recovery. Everyday therapy leads to quicker reduction of swelling and healing, return of function, achieving the physiological radius of movement of the joint and improving tension and muscle strength.
Kada na fizikalnu?

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