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Sports rehabilitation

Sport discovers unseen physical and psychological limitations of the human body every day. To be a professional athlete today requires lots of discipline, psychological stability and giving up. Sport frequently gives identity to the athlete and his or her lifestyle. It usually discovers a huge magnitude of experience and emotion.

Injuries commonly disturb the balance of a professional athlete. The aim of sports rehabilitation is quick, targeted and personalized approach to dealing with the injury. The process of rehabilitation begins immediately after injury or surgery and it is divided in a few phases.  In the beginning, it is most important to create good psychological stability and motivation of the athlete. Going every day to rehabilitation means coming to train in an environment familiar to every athlete.

The aim is to keep muscle strength of the segment that underwent surgery, but at the same time keep good physical stability and strength of the whole body. Stability, retention of proprioception and correction of bio mechanical mistakes is just a part of the preconditions which have to satisfy.

Sports rehabilitation in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital unites the athlete and physiotherapist. Shared effort and positive attitude of the whole team result in excellent results and the shortest time possible.

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