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Preoperative preparation

“Get fit for surgery!”

You have to do surgery? What will happen after surgery? How to walk on crutches? How to get up from bed after spine surgery?

Did you know that you can do something for a fast recovery even before the surgery of your spine or joints?

The aim of our preoperative rehabilitation will get you ready for what awaits after the surgery. The aim of preoperative rehabilitation is the strength and the musculature of the desired body segment and improve general condition so the loss of condition after surgery would be as little as possible. Furthermore, the „trained“ muscle faster regains strength after the phase of inactivity which is inevitable in the early postoperative period.

Walking on crutches, especially up the stairs, putting on the orthosis or simply getting out of bed and going to the toilette looks easy when you are healthy. Our physiotherapists will educate you how to do all of that and to avoid movement and load which can harm the knee, shoulder or spine that underwent surgery.

With preoperative surgery, the risk of postoperative complications, as well as the outcome of the surgery, is much better.

Preoperativna priprema

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