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Postoperative rehabilitation

A successful surgery is the first step toward your recovery after injury or damage to the joint/spine. Timely and targeted rehabilitation, considering the specificities of your operation, your conditional stat and your wishes and aims after surgery, returns you in the shortest possible period to the activities of your everyday life.

After the operation you will be directly referred to begin doing simple exercises with the aim of maintaining his functions of the cardiovascular and pulmonary system, as well as doing exercise for early muscle culture strengthening and maintaining the radius of movement off the segment that underwent surgery.

After hospital discharge, it is necessary to regularly track progress and to introduce timely progression of musculatures strengthening, as well as improve the radius of movement so the full return of strength, flexibility and function is restored. The fastest and safest way to return to your everyday activities is rehabilitation and their supervision of physiotherapists who are educated in postoperative rehabilitation.

In St. Catherine, the rehabilitation protocol is done in close cooperation with the surgeon and that way excellent results are achieved because rehabilitation is maximally personalized and adapted to the patient.

Postoperative rehabilitation can be separated into three phases:

1. Phase of tissue healing – in this phase the aim is to ensure proper tissue healing, be careful about reducing the load on a specific segment (e.g. walking on crutches), activate the musculature in a proper way and maintain physical condition.

2. Phase of returning to everyday activities – in this phase it is important to return to everyday activities such as housework, normal walking without aids and so on. Furthermore, in this phase it is important to prepare the musculature for the next phase of recovery.

3. Phase of returning to sports activities – this is the last phase of your recovery where it is important to gradually introduce specific exercises with elements personalized to your aim and desired level of activity. Through the process of rehabilitation, it is important to pay attention not only to the operated segment, but also to the whole body and remove the so called „weak points“ and in that way return to excellent form, better than ever.

Postoperativna rehabilitacija

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