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Post-traumatic rehabilitation

Injuries of the locomotor system happen every day, weather you're an athlete, amateur, older or younger, or just stepped in the wrong way or slipped on ice.

The most common injuries are strains of tears of muscles, tendons and ligaments, and sometimes even bone fractures. Depending on the size of the injury, sometimes surgery is necessary. Other times conservative treatment which is composed of the phase of being inactive and wearing immobilization (plaster cast, orthosis or just an elastic band) because the injured part of the extremity needs to be still and in that way the risk of further injury is removed and recovery process ensured.

Just the week after quiescence, there is significant loss of muscle strength, general condition and the joint movement reduces. For you to return to full function timely rehabilitation is needed.

The aim of posttraumatic rehabilitation is to reduce swelling and pain, as well as encourage circulation in the injured area to encourage the processes of reparation of injured tissue and its healing. It is important to regain full radius of movement avenger tissue, as well as strength and flexibility of the surrounding muscles so you could get back to your daily or sports activities without fear of the new injuries.

You can trust our quality team which will adjust the rehabilitation program according to your injury and your goals!

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