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IT rehabilitation program

By randomly screening people on the street you're hardly find anybody who does not use a computer every day, either at work or for a casual use. In those everyday situations, we forget that our body is not adapted to long-term sitting and computer use and that in those positions certain muscle groups continuously overstress. Also, some muscles are used too little and they lose their strength and function.

This can lead to syndrome of overstressing and the symptoms usually begin the neck and arm region, but also in the low back, hips and knees. It is not rare that you hear people complaining of tingling, pain and stiffness in the neck, pain which radiates along the arm, numbness in the hands, pain in the knees after setting for longer periods.

Will the difficulties disappear? Do you know how to relax in 15 minutes? How can you help yourself to reduce pain?

The difficulties will surely not disappear if you did not affect the stress factors. We can help you with that.

„IT“ rehabilitation means education and target to exercise with which you will:

  • Revive your body and you musculoskeletal „weak spots“
  • Learn the correct movements of the body to avoid over a load on the painful part of the body
  • Learn how to sit properly and practice ergonomic nose while working on the computer.
  • Learn how to relax in the short break from work
  • Improve muscle strength and joint flexibility which are neglected when sitting for longer periods of time at the worktable

How to reduce stress factors on your musculoskeletal system and had to improve body posture. Our physiotherapists will help you to reduce pain and stiffness. You can contact our quality team at St. Catherine polyclinic with trust.

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