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Emmett technique

Emmet technique was developed by mister Ross Emmett (Australia). It is a quick method where by activating the right muscles gives effective results as soon as the muscle correction (applying pressure on the muscle) is done. The effect of the work done can be tested by measuring strength, flexibility and balance. Spots for applying pressure are so called Emmett spots, the points of sensory or receptor and muscle overlapping. Stored causes of poor movement and/or balance are activated by the Emmett method. By removing them, new patterns of movement are created without pain and with better balance – depending on the clinical presentation and disorders which the patients present to us.

Apart from the direct effect on muscle correction (which is facilitated or relaxed depending on muscle condition), by applying this method we try to affect the long-term natural secretion of endorphins, improve the circulation and lymph drainage.

Emmet therapist is a health care worker who underwent a one-year training program and that way got the knowledge and skills necessary to make good changes on all aspects of human health by using only his or her hands. The therapist bases his/her approach on taking good patient history, doing proper examination, palpation and clinical experience where he/she establishes symmetry of musculoskeletal structures.

We have to emphasize that this method can be used in a complementary way with any other manual or physical technique as well as exercise system. It also provides a quality addition for anybody who wants to relieve pain and discomfort and improve muscular skeletal and neurologic functions.

What does Emmet treatment look like?

Clients can be treated in sitting or lying down position, as well as when standing up.

The treatment can be done directly on the skin of the patient or through clothes.

The duration of the treatment can be from 10 to 45 minutes if the Emmet technique is used on its own. The duration is longer if the treatment is done in combination with other therapeutic modalities.

During the time of treatment, a combination of pressure on the patient's body is applied, as well as the therapeutic elements which make up the wanted physical change unique for every individual.

In everyday work in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, Emmett technique is being used on patients who experience overstrain syndrome and also with rehabilitation of muscle and joint injuries, as well as postoperative rehabilitation, spine pain syndromes…

OZREN MATIŠIĆ, bacc. physio, certified Emmett therapist

Emmett tehnika

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