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Electrotherapy – application of electric current for therapeutic causes. It is divided by the frequency of electricity which we use.

Contraindications are acute diseases, inflammations or infectious conditions, skin changes on application site, implanted artificial cardiac pacemaker and pregnancy.

1. galvanic electricity – constant direct current. It affects changes in ionic balance on the cell membrane and the generation of heat by ionic friction on their way to the tissue. It affects nerve endings responsible for transfer of pain (nociceptors) in a way it reduces pain or disappears. Galvanic electricity increases excitability and conduction of nerves, affects vasomotor nerves and nerves responsible for innervating blood vessels. Indications for the application of galvanic electricity are: rheumatic diseases, paresis and paralysis, blood vessel disorders and circulation issues, as well as peripheral nerve damage.

2. diadynamic electricity – low-frequency, half wave or full wave current of sinusoidal shape with frequency from 50 to 100 Hz. The main application is in reducing pain and causing active hyperthermia. It is applied in treating pain syndromes and extraarticular rheumatism.

3. interferent electricity - medium frequency alternating current. It affects motor nerves, has analgesic an anti-inflammatory effect, as well as helps in the healing process for the bones after fracture.

4. TENS – electroanalgesic method where selective simulation of type A nerve fibers blocks nerve fibers which transmit pain (type C). This way, application of electrodes on the area or region of pain, blocking of pain transmission to higher levels of the nervous system occurs. Indications are chronic and acute pain in orthopedics, surgery, rheumatology, neurology, oncology and gynecology.

5. Electrostimulation – this method of treatment is based on provoking muscle contractions with the help of electrical stimuli. This way we try to stop muscle atrophy. In St. Catherine, electrostimulation is done with modern Compex machines which have many programs with which various different results on the muscles can be achieved: from relaxation and analgesics to exercise for improving muscle trophic.

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