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Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization

Every movement begins with stabilization of all the body segments. Good stabilization is a prerequisite for balance, safety and efficacy of movements. If it is impaired, disorders in the functioning of the locomotor system occur. The movements then become inefficient and overload of certain body parts occurs, as well as injury.

DNS is the most modern method of deep locomotor system stabilization, based on developmental kinesiology of the child in the first year of life. The method was developed by prof. Pavel Kolar under the mentorship of neurophysiology and manual medicine pioneers: prof. Vojt, prof. Lewitt, prof. Vele and prof. Janda.

Because of the extreme efficacy in rehabilitation and prevention of injuries, as well as improving athletic performances, this method has quickly become popular in world class rehabilitation and sports institutions around the World (NBA, NHL, WTA, WGA, PGA and others).

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