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Degenerative program

The most commonly affected joints are the knee and hip, as well as cervical and lumbar spine. Degenerative changes on the spine occurring on the intervertebral discs, intervertebral joints and on the soft tissues – ligaments and muscles in the spine area. The consequences are difficulties such as pain, stiffness and numbness which may radiate towards the head, arms or legs. Cartilage damage, narrowing of joint space and musculature disbalance on the peripheral joints cause pain, stiffness, deformities, swelling and thickening, as well as reduced radius of movement and tightness. These are the leading symptoms which patient describe at the medical examination.

The treatment is based on the following:

  • Education on how to reduce or remove the predisposing factors which led to the difficulties
  • Removing pain and/or inflammation with drugs
  • Physical therapy which means dynamic exercise, electrostimulation of muscles and various procedures (electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, thermal therapy, laser, shockwave…) reduce pain and improve joint and muscle functions
  • Recommendation for using walking aids and aid for stabilization of the joint (cane, crutches, walker, orthoses…)
  • surgical treatment which follows after the aforementioned methods of conservative treatment did not give satisfactory results (our orthopedic surgeons, vertebrologists and neurosurgeons will inform you about this)

Our rehabilitation team will do specific physical therapy procedures to contribute improving the quality of your life and return to activities which you did before the disease. We will encourage you to do exercise at home every day because exercising should become a part of your life.

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