Centre for Individualized and Preventive Medicine

The Center's goal is to implement the latest knowledge of molecular medicine for the purpose of early diagnostics and according to the specificity of the genome of each individual to design optimal therapy. Personalized medicine is a new concept of health care that will completely change the medicine we know today. It presents a completely new form of individualization of the treatment approach in order to optimize the effect of the therapy and to avoid adverse therapeutic effects.

The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) recently reported that more than 2 million hospitalized patients in the United States annually have serious adverse effects of their therapy, while more than 100,000 die therefore. The only way to prevent such drug effects is to determine the genetic predisposition to develop unexpected responses to the administered drug and consequently to individualize pharmacotherapy.

Highest quality health care begins with a regular annual screening aimed at early detection of risk factors for the development of chronic diseases, consequently allowing successful treatment at the right time. We offer complete check-up at one place done by the top team of doctors with help of the most modern diagnostic equipment, following the principles of individualized medicine.

What can you expect from us?
• personal approach and counseling on how to realize, preserve and improve your health and reduce the risk of chronic illness 
• education in adopting a healthier lifestyle 
• helping you understand the relationship between genetic variation and disease development 
• education about optimum choice as well as optimum dosage of a drug according to the genome analysis of each individual in order to avoid its adverse effects
• by analyzing glycan (sugar) content participating in protein modification to determine your biological age in relation to chronological age 
• all services in one place

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