The power of fat

Your own powerful fat has reparative cells inside (including stem cells and other important cells). Lipogems keeps all the cells intact (including stem cells and all the other important cells) and allows them to work harmoniously (like it does naturally inside your body) without the need for any additional materials (such as enzymes or scaffolds). That's what makes Lipogems different!

Lipogems transfers the tissue that contains a variety of structures of cells including:

  • Stem cells
  • Adipocytes
  • Pericytes
  • Muse Cells

These cells inside of your own powerful fat stay intact and act harmoniously in the body to repair, restructure, replace to cushion and support the tissue during the repair, replacement, or reconstruction of damaged or injured tissue.

Contrary, stem cells involve the isolation, purification, and expansion of stems cells that are stored and returned to the patient at a later date.

More than 200,000 Lipogems procedures have been performed worldwide, and your physician can speak with you about the possible outcomes associated with this procedure. Your own powerful fat has 100-500x more reparative cells than other similar therapies. Lipogems is the only technology that is FDA cleared for use in orthopaedics.

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