Lipogems - stem cells application

The Lipogems procedure uses cutting-edge technology that gently processes your body’s own fat tissue in order to, amongst other things, cushion and support areas of injury or damage as your body heals itself. The microfragmented fat is injected precisely into areas of the body in order to help support tissue healing and repair.

Many people of all ages suffer from orthopaedic conditions.

In many cases, people are looking for another option to major, invasive surgery and are seeking minimally invasive procedures. Did you know that your own tissue can help you heal and may get you back to doing things that you love to do?

Every tissue in your body is constantly repairing itself. Fat tissue has been widely studied since World War I1 and is known to have innate healing potential.

The innovators of Lipogems recognized the power in fat and developed a procedure that optimizes the use of fat to support your body’s natural healing process.

The Lipogems Procedure

In our minimally invasive, point-of-care procedure, your physician will make a tiny puncture through your skin and take a small section of fat from either your midsection or “love handles.”

Next, your collected fat will be processed in the special Lipogems device using sterile saline solution. This occurs through a very gentle process called micro-fragmentation, during which your fat is washed, rinsed, and resized into smaller clusters while maintaining the natural beneficial properties of your fat. Impurities in your fat such as blood, cell debris, and oils are removed as the desirable remainder of your fat is concentrated.Your physician then will use a small needle to inject the microfragmented tissue into the treatment site.

The simplicity of the procedure means that it requires only local anesthesia (you won’t have to be put to sleep) and can be performed in approximately one hour in an outpatient facility .There is minimal recovery time from the Lipogems procedure.

What Makes Lipogems Technology Cutting Edge?

• Convenient: The procedure can be performed in under an hour in the physician’s office or in an outpatient surgical setting.
• Removes Impurities Using Saline:The Lipogems device washes away impurities such as blood, oil, and cell debris using saline.
• Gentle Processing: The unique Lipogems process resizes the tissue while maintaining the natural structural properties of your fat. The Lipogems device gently resizes the fat tissue to and optimal size that can be injected precisely into a damaged area to cushion and support the area as it heals.
• Easier Injections: Because the Lipogems process micro-fragments your fat, the size of Lipogems tissue is ideal to facilitate healing in the treatment site.

Are You A Candidate For Lipogems?

You might be a candidate if:
• You suffer from an injury or ailment that limits your normal daily functioning or physical activity.
• You have painful joints with limited range of motion, such as your knee, ankle or shoulder.
• You have a soft tissue defect in your tendons, ligaments, and/or muscles (in order to restore orthopaedic function, these defects may require tissue repair and regeneration, as well as cushioning and support).
• Treatment options, such as physical therapy, NSAIDS, or steroid injections have not provided you with significant relief.
• You would like to explore Lipogems as a minimally invasive alternative to a major surgical intervention.
• Your doctor determines Lipogems may be used in addition to your surgery.

Award-Winning Technology

Lipogems was awarded Best New Technology in Sports Medicine in 2016 by Top Sports Medicine Physicians from leading institutions in the United States.

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