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Lipolysis is a medical procedure for melting and removing unwanted fat deposits on the body by injection application of the powerful lipolytic Deoxycholine acid and caffeine, which has an excellent effect on fat tissue melting. In the simplest terms, lipolysis is the process of dissolving fat. It occurs naturally in the body when we lose weight through diet and exercise.

Lipolysis, as an aesthetic procedure, has a fascinating effectiveness in breaking down stubborn fat deposits on the stomach, buttocks, hips, upper legs, upper arms, but it is also a very effective solution for getting rid of underarms. It is important to remember that lipolysis cannot "melt" large amounts of fat. That's why it's a body shaping technique, not a weight loss procedure.

What is lipolysis?

It is a natural process, actually a metabolic pathway that takes place inside fat cells. This product is highly effective thanks to the compounds it contains, which are an integral part of the human body and participate in metabolism and break down lipids in fat cells, increase the permeability of the membrane of fat cells and the release of fats, and promote emulsification and enzymatic breakdown of released fats. Due to its action, it is extremely effective for local lipolysis.

How is lipolysis treatment performed?

Lipolitik is injected directly into the fatty tissue of the treated region with a very thin needle. The procedure is performed after the application of a local anesthetic and is painless, but after the application of lipolytics there is a burning sensation and slight redness that disappears very quickly.

Until the ideal effect is achieved, the region is treated 3-4 times, depending on the amount and quality of fatty tissue sometimes one treatment is enough.

Treatment effect

Lipolysis is not a weight loss treatment, but rather a body shaping method.

Lipolitik acts on the skin and strengthens it, making visible stretch marks almost invisible.

People who do not gain body weight, the effect is permanent. Non-invasive body contouring procedures they mostly rely on inducing programmed cell death (apoptosis).

The treatment can target smaller amounts of fatty tissue in certain parts of the body, such as:

  • belly
  • thighs
  • buttocks
  • the area under the chin

It usually takes several treatments before visible results.

The most effective method for double chin removal

Lipolysis is a non-surgical, injectable treatment used to reduce the appearance of submental fat under the chin. Deoxycholic acid is a natural molecule in the body that helps break down and absorb dietary fat. When injected into the fat under the chin, it destroys the fat cells and this results in a visible reduction of the underarms. Once destroyed, these cells can no longer store or accumulate fat, so no further treatment is expected after achieving the desired aesthetic goal. Results are visible in two to four treatments.

Lipolysis treatment for double chin removal
The most effective method for double chin removal

Benefits of the treatment

  • minimal risk of complications
  • short recovery time
  • lower price

Who are the candidates for the mentioned treatment?

Ideal candidates for lipolysis are people who do not have major problems with their body weight, but do not manage to remove unwanted fat deposits from certain parts such as the abdomen, hips, upper arms, chest and chin.

How to prepare for treatment?

The first step is a conversation and consultation with the doctor, in which you should give him all the information about the following:

  • existing health conditions
  • the use of prescription drugs that you are currently taking
  • possible allergies
  • history of previous aesthetic treatments

Your doctor will also advise you to stop taking anti-inflammatory or blood-thinning medications two weeks before the procedure. They will also give you all the information about what to expect during the procedure and recovery, what activities to avoid to help the healing process and more.

It is especially important to emphasize to the patient that if he consumes too little liquid, he should get used to drinking at least 2.5 liters of liquid before the treatment, since the decomposed fat tissue cells are eliminated from the body via the kidneys.

The procedure

All types of lipolysis treatments are minimally invasive and take place in a sterile room. They do not require sedation and usually last about sixty minutes. In some types of lipolysis, the use of local anesthetics is not necessary.

The technique also varies depending on the type of lipolysis. For example, laser lipolysis requires small incisions on the the skin. Injections also create puncture trauma, while radiofrequency works only on the surface of the skin.

When are the first results visible?

The first results are visible after about 3 weeks, and the best results are achieved after 6 to 8 weeks. If necessary, the lipolysis procedure is then repeated. It is usual to do two to four procedures. After the procedure, there is no re-accumulation of a large amount of fat on the treated area parts of the body.

How long does recovery take?

Slight redness and swelling may occur, which may last up to 7 days after the treatment. Dietary nutrition, exercise and massage of treated areas are recommended for ideal results.

Lipolysis and radiofrequency

Radiofrequency lipolysis is a procedure that uses radiofrequency to heat fat without an instrument coming into physical contact with the patient. The applicator is heated from a distance of one centimeter from the skin. Fat cells are preferentially heated without affecting other types of cells in the skin or other structures. The goal of radiofrequency lipolysis is to reduce the volume of adipose tissue in the fatty bulge. Some patients may choose to treat more than one area or have the same area pulled more than once.

Ideal candidates are patients who want to reduce a localized fatty bulge that exists despite diet and exercise. The risks are minimal and there are no activity restrictions after the treatment.

The results are excellent when injectable lipolysis is combined with RF, so it is done by injection for one week treatment, and the second week RF. The results were then accelerate

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