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First dermatological examination by dermatolovenerology specialist

Every person should have a dermatological examination at least once a year, and in St. Catherine Hospital the examination is performed by an experienced specialist in dermatology and venereology, Snježana Komadina, MD.

Patients can come for an examination for any skin problems, as well as an examination of individual changes that have suddenly appeared on the skin, scalp, nails or visible mucous membranes. If you have doubts or need advice, we are also at your disposal.

We always pay special attention to the examination of moles, with the aim of prevention and early detection of skin cancer. Skin cancers are one of the most common malignant tumors today, specifically melanoma, and the incidence of which has been increasing in our population in recent years. Therefore, it is recommended to do a preventive examination of moles every year. A preventive examination can save a life.

What does the first dermatologist examination look like?

The first step is a conversation with a dermatology specialist. During the examination, you can ask all the questions you are interested in, and the doctor will ask you the information she considers important.

After the interview, a dermatological skin examination is performed. This refers to the examination of the skin of the limbs, trunk, face, scalp and nails. Sometimes it is not necessary to examine the skin of the entire body, but it all depends on the doctor's assessment and whether it is done on the first visit to the dermatologist. The skin can be examined with the naked eye or with a dermatoscope.

At the first examination, a final or working diagnosis is made, and if necessary, a recommendation is made for the tests that the patient should undergo in order to make a final diagnosis and prescribe therapy.

Certain types of treatment can be done immediately in the clinic during a dermatological examination.

Which age groups can have a dermatologist examination?

We perform dermatological examinations for children and adults.

How to prepare for the examination?

The first dermatological examination does not require any special preparation. If the patient is using some local preparations, do not use them at least a few days before the examination. Patients can come for an examination for any skin problems as well as an examination of individual changes that have appeared suddenly. Of course, a dermatological examination can also refer to problems with the scalp.

How to make an appointment?

Make an appointment for an examination, which you can do in the pleasant area of our dermatology clinic at Branimirova 71E in Zagreb, by phone +385 1 2867 400 or e-mail:

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