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Dermatology is a branch of medicine that includes research, diagnosis and treatment of the skin and all conditions related to the skin. Given that the skin is our largest and at the same time the most visible organ, its protection from injuries, infections and external influences is extremely important. The skin is a sensory organ, serves as protection against microorganisms, regulates body temperature, plays an active role in the immune system and protects against disease.

A dermatologist's examination is performed by a doctor specializing in dermatology and venereology, and is recommended for existing conditions or the appearance of new changes on the skin, scalp, nails or visible mucous membranes.

A doctor specializing in dermatology and venereology will take the patient's medical history and all the necessary information about skin and other ailments, as well as perform an examination and all the necessary diagnostics, after which adequate treatment will be carried out.

In our Center for Dermatology, we provide patients with complete care in the diagnosis and treatment of all dermatological conditions, in all age groups, from three areas of dermatology:

  • General dermatology
  • Aesthetic dermatology
  • Dermatological surgery

In St. Catherine Hospital we provide a professional and individual approach, and we take care of the health of your skin with the help of the most modern dermatological equipment and top methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Take care of your skin and contact us with confidence to schedule a dermatological examination with our Snježana Komadina, M.D., Specialist in Dermatology and Venereology or Ana Medić Flajšman, M.D., Specialist in Dermatology and Venereology!

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