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Angel PRP – scalp

What is Angel PRP for scalp?

Angel PRP treatment is a treatment with blood plasma enriched with platelets, which differs from the classic treatment in that a significantly larger amount of blood is taken, so the concentration we get is much stronger than with PRP from a test tube. The treatment is based on the activation of regeneration mechanisms with growth factors, which normally take place in our body after injury or inflammation. The result is a change in the quality of the skin, which becomes firmer, brighter, tighter and more evenly toned. The concentration of platelets is 3 times stronger, and thus the effect itself.

When is Angel PRP scalp treatment used?

Angel PRP, in addition to skin rejuvenation, is used in therapy to stimulate hair growth, either alopecia with localized round foci without hair that occur in all age groups, whether in children, as well as in androgenic alopecia in women and men.

PRP is applied using thin needles to regions where the hair is thinning. After activation, platelets from the plasma release growth factors that stimulate the hair follicle to grow and thus stimulate the formation of new blood vessels important for the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the follicle. Acting on the stem cells in the hair follicle, they stimulate their proliferation and differentiation with the formation of new follicles, and the hair becomes visibly thicker and firmer, thus also preventing new hair loss.

Angel PRP is used in the therapy of androgenic alopecia, circular (alopecia areata) and diffuse hair loss, and the ideal candidates are those who have just started losing their hair. As an additional therapy during hair transplantation, PRP contributes to better maintenance and survival of transplanted follicles.

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