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Simple and complex ophthalmological examinations

What does an ophthalmological examination look like?

Ophthalmological examination is performed by an ophthalmologist in the eye clinic for 15 - 45 minutes, depending on whether a complete first examination or a control eye examination is performed.

First, it is necessary to talk with the patient and collect as much anamnestic data as possible: about the type, time, manner and speed of appearance of the current disturbances, the state of vision and field of vision, as well as data from personal and family anamnesis.

Contact lens wearers should take a break from wearing lenses for a few days before the examination in order to obtain the most accurate insight into the state of vision and eyes and the most accurate correction of the dioptric anomaly during the examination.

Ophthalmological examination
A patient being examined in an ophthalmology clinic

What does a complex ophthalmological examination include?

A complex eye examination involves testing distance and near visual acuity with subjective and objective determination of diopters. The mobility of the external eye muscles and the visual field are tested. This is followed by an examination of the front segment of the eye on a biomicroscope (eyelid, sclera, cornea, anterior chamber, iris, pupil reaction and lens) and eye pressure is measured with tonometric devices under local anesthesia. If necessary, tear film tests are performed. Examination of the turbidity of the layers of the lens and the background of the eye is done with dilated pupils about 20 minutes after instillation of a local mydriatic (tropicamide 1%) by indirect or direct ophthalmoscopy.

During the examination of the background of the eye with wide pupils (mydriasis), the clinical appearance of the optic nerve, macula, blood vessels and the periphery of the retina is evaluated. It should be emphasized that those who need an examination of the background of the eye in mydriasis should come with an escort and that the effect of mydriatic drops can last up to several hours.

If you have noticed certain changes in vision, react promptly and book an appointment for the first ophthalmological examination.

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