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What is psychiatric care and what does it cover?

A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in psychiatry

A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in psychiatry. In addition to talking therapy, he is allowed to prescribe medications and engage in psychotherapy. He is a physician who is specifically trained to diagnose and treat people who have a wide range of problems, from emotional distress to more serious mental health concerns, disorders that affect emotions, cognition, and behavior. He is able to distinguish between physical and psychological causes of mental and physical distress.

The psychiatric examination is conducted through a conversation with a psychiatrist, during which the goal is to work together in better understanding difficulties, the circumstances that led to them, important facts from the past related to current disorders, as well as all other facts important for quality diagnostics of conditions and application of appropriate therapeutic procedures.

How to know when to visit a psychiatrist?

The first appointment is often scheduled when you have difficulties at work, in a relationship or perhaps due to health conditions, when you feel that your sense of mental health has been impaired for a longer period of time, preventing you from functioning normally on a daily basis.

Sometimes it is a matter of physical disorders due to which examinations fail to find the organic cause of the disease or it is a matter of psychological complications of chronic diseases.

Disorders that may occur can include some of the following symptoms: sadness, lack of energy, anxiety, mood swings, sleep problems, insomnia, frequent waking up, lethargy, increased tiredness, anger, difficulty functioning in society and family, memory difficulties, decreased or increased appetite. You may also have some scary thoughts, which you would like to get rid of.

The most common conditions and problems

Anxiety, fears, depression, impaired concentration, attention and memory, difficulties in adjusting and learning, emotions, grief and loss, communication, confusion and insecurity, loss of will, sad and frightening thoughts, family problems, partnership problems, disease concerns, mental disorders in post COVID-19 syndrome, addiction and more.

List of therapies:

  • dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT),
  • systemic family therapy,
  • addiction psychotherapy (alcoholism, drugs...),
  • psychotherapy in pregnancy and after childbirth.

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