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How to prepare for a psychiatric examination?

On your first visit to a psychiatrist, your physician will gather information from you to make a diagnosis and devise a proper treatment plan.

  • Bring a companion

Take a friend or family member with you - someone you trust. During the talking therapy, you can decide whether a companion will be present at the talking therapy. A companion can help you if you have difficulty communicating (for example, language comprehension or something else) or if you want a companion to hear instructions that he can repeat to you later.

  • Medical documentation

Prepare complete medical documentation. In particular, list previous psychiatric treatments, inpatient treatments, and other treatments that you consider relevant.

Bring a list of medications you are currently using as well as a list of medications you have used before.

If you have had allergies to certain medications or side effects, you should emphasize it.

  • After talking therapy

Make sure you understand all the instructions. If you haven't been able to get all the answers or you've thought of something later that you think is important, prepare for the next talking therapy. If you have been prescribed medication, in the next therapy honestly answer whether you started using them, when and how.

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