Hip replacement with the anterior approach

In a certain percentage of the population, because of various reasons, there is degradation of the cartilage in the hip and certain deformations of the joint occur which are followed by strong pain. All these changes are called arthrosis or arthritis. When the patients meet the criteria, the condition is treated by hip endoprosthesis implantation.

For the procedure and rehabilitation to be successful, it is necessary to do certain preparations and to choose those implants which are at the top of the international registry of endoprosthesis! Choosing the right surgical technique is key to a successful surgery and a fast recovery.

When doing hip replacement, the direct anterior approach enables performing the procedure without any muscle damage which have a function in the hip. Thanks to that, the patients can put a load on the replaced hip without limitations right after surgery. If a certain acetabulum is implanted, rotations are possible without special limitations!

Crutches can be removed when the patient feels secure in walking. That means that some patients come to remove their sutures without crutches.

It is important to note that all patients can undergo the aforementioned technique. There are no restrictions regarding age, sex, body weight or height.

This procedure is done in general anesthesia with maximally relaxed muscles.

This means that cooperation between the surgeon and anesthesiologist is crucial because otherwise, the procedure will not be successful. It is a great example of a multidisciplinary medical approach to the patient.

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