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ClearCorrect is a clear aligner of the Straumann Group, a Swiss company recognized for its quality, precision and innovation and best known as a global leader in implantology, whose implants we use in our daily work. The brace brand itself originated in 2006 when a dentist, Dr. Willis Pumphrey, who had over 400 patients, had to complete clear aligner therapy, but had no one to make them for him. So he decided to start a company to make aligners for him and ClearCorrect began to grow as a product and now is part of the Straumann Group.

The protocol for ClearCorrect is the same as for other clear aligners - diagnostics and agreement with the patient, dental imprints, therapy design, visualization, delivery of aligners, wearing and retention.

ClearCorrect or clear aligner is a method of straightening teeth without the use of traditional wires and braces. ClearCorrect braces use thin transparent splints (aligners) for quick and easy correction of teeth that are also specially formulated, consist of FDA-approved plastic, have no BPA and are environmentally friendly.


  • completely weak or no visibility of braces, unlike standard braces
  • better and easier maintenance of hygiene
  • shorter time of teeth straightening therapy - about a year of wearing braces
  • better insight into the condition of the teeth - it is easier to notice any changes (caries, etc.)
  • controlled therapy with the help of tooth scanning
  • comfort when wearing an aligner

ClearCorrect aligners are different from Invisalign aligners at more affordable prices and are ideal for simpler to moderately severe cases, so they are ideal therapy for patients who do not have extremely severe anomalies and want to have beautiful and healthy teeth at an affordable price.

Aligners should be worn 22 hours a day, 7 days a week, except during the consumption of food and beverages, especially be careful when consuming hot beverages. How often a person needs to replace aligners and how many aligners he needs during the treatment process depends on the severity of the problem and the type of treatment the patient chooses.

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