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Removal of scars and tattoos

PROCEDURE DESCRIPTION: Scars damage our body's appearance no matter where they are. They may develop differently and appear different in shape and color. They develop as a result of injury or surgery. Scars can interfere with body's normal function and cause movement restrictions due to pulling of the skin and the tension they create. With tattoos, we emphasize personality and attitude. However, as we change our attitudes, thoughts, and circumstances in time, tattoos become unwanted, which is why we decide to remove them. Regardless of the cause of the scar, the fact is that it is altered skin tissue that often requires treatment. It is possible that the scar will not completely disappear after the procedure, but its severity, visibility and tension will be reduced.

PREPARATION OF THE PATIENT FOR SURGERY: You will receive all the detailed information on scars and tattoos during your examination at our polyclinic. Avoid medications that reduce blood viscosity 2 to 3 days before and after surgery (consult your family doctor).

PROCEDURE PROCESS: In some cases, it will be sufficient to cut a small part of the skin that is affected by a scar or tattoo and then sew a fine stitch. Some scars can be corrected by simple excision or by using different plastic surgery principles and techniques. With large scars and tattoos, it is sometimes necessary to perform several separate procedures to get the best possible result. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia which means that only the area where the scar or tattoo is located is anesthetized. After the surgery, ie the removal of the scar or tattoo, it is very important that the patient adheres to all instructions given by the doctor.

RECOVERY: Recovery after surgery takes 1 or 2 weeks at least, depending on the size of the scar or tattoo and its location. The stitches are removed after 1 or 2 weeks. After the stitches are removed, it is necessary to apply scar removal cream to the operated area.

PRECAUTIONS: Larger scars and tattoos require greater attention to precaution. As recommended by our doctor, the patient comes to our polyclinic regularly for check ups and dressings of the wound. It is necessary also to avoid any physically strenuous movements in order to help the scar to heal faster and more beautifully. After the stitches are removed, it is necessary to apply scar removal cream to the operated area immediately.

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