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Preventive examination of the breast

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women all over the world, in both developed and developing countries. With the frequency and mortality of it, as well as a large number of still unknown etiological facts, breast cancer is a challenge and a significant health problem for everyone. There are some well known risk factors for breast cancer, such as gender, age, family history, and previous history of breast cancer, early menstruation, and late menopause, women who haven't had children, gene mutations, hormone replacement therapy, contraception and breastfeeding, alcohol consumption, smoking, excess weight and sedentary lifestyle. On the other hand, someone without a risk factor could become affected by this disease. Therefore, in order to reduce the incidence and mortality of this cancer, it is necessary to perform screening for breast cancer. First a clinical picture should be done, and then, if needed, further treatment may be prescribed. Due to the fact that women cannot practically change their personal risk factors, the best option for reducing mortality has so far been early detection of this disease. At the Plastic Surgery Center in St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, patients can undergo a clinical examination which may detect or suspected the existance of this disease. With the latest treatments based on modern principles, our licensed plastic surgery specialist with many years of experience will be able to accurately diagnose and further on if necessary begin with standardized on point treatments. An appointment with the specialist and clinical examination will provide detailed explanations and guidelines for further procedures.

CANDIDATES FOR THE PROCEDURE: All persons, of all ages over 18, both genders

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