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Examination and treatment of hand tumors and other hand disorders

PROCEDURE DESCRIPTION: Frequent localization of various hand tumors that may be benign and malignant. These tumors can be from the skin, subcutaneous tissue, tendons, nerves, blood vessels and from the the hand's bones. In addition to clinical examination, depending on the surgeon's assessment, laboratory analysis and other diagnostics may also be considered. After the diagnostic is performed, the plastic surgery specialist determines the type and method of treatment in consultation with the patient.

CANDIDATES: Benign soft tissue formations account for up to 70% of all hand and wrist tumors. It is somewhat more common in the female population between the ages of 20 and 40, and may occur in children and less frequently in the elderly population. After the clinical examination and possibly other diagnostic treatments in agreement with the patient, the most optimal form of treatment is performed.

PREPARATION OF THE PATIENT FOR SURGERY: Depending on the clinical and other results, a type of treatment based on modern principles of plastic surgery is agreed on if the need for it is determined. Depending on the decided method, treatment and patient's general health, it is possible to require additional diagnostic treatment if needed. You will get all the information you need during your examination. Patients should not take blood thinning medications for 2 to 3 days before and after surgery (Andol, etc.).

PROCEDURE PROCESS: The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and tourniquet (bloodless procedure) and the patient is able to go home after the procedure. The procedure lasts from 30 min to 1 h, depending on the location, size and type of the tumor. The surgeon advises when the stitches are to be removed which is usually after 10 days. Detailed information on the process of the surgery patients will be able to get during their examination in our polyclinic.  

RECOVERY: After the procedure, the hand is wrapped with a bandage. It is recommended to leave the fingers out of the bandage enabling them and the hand to move. The patient should keep the hand in an elevated position and be careful while moving it. At the first check up the amount of bandages will be reduced. The stitches are removed after 10 to 15 days, according to the surgeon's assessment, depending on the type, size and localization of the removed hand tumor. The hand recovery itself depends on the type and size of the procedure and usually takes about 2 weeks.

PRECAUTIONS: Complications are rare but possible. During your examination, your doctor will explain to you what are the possible complications and precautions to be taken. However, it is also your responsibility to avoid risks and complications.

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