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Dupuytren's contracture

PROCEDURE DESCRIPTION: This disease is a painful thickening of the tissue beneath the skin of the palm of the hand, leading to the flexion of the fingers towards the palm with an inability to stretch (straighten) one or more fingers. The diagnosis is based on the clinical picture and after the examination by a plastic surgery specialist and no other additional treatment is required in most cases.

CANDIDATES: The disease occurs more frequently in men. Ideal candidates are those who start treatment at an early stage of the disease. The length of recovery and the result of the treatment will depend on the duration of this condition and to which extent the fist had been affected.

PREPARATION OF THE PATIENT FOR SURGERY: During the examination with the patient, the form and method of treatment of this disease will be set. Patients should not take blood thinner medicines for 2 to 3 days before and after surgery (Andol, etc.).

PROCEDURE PROCESS: This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and using torniquet. Depending on how much the fingers and the palm of the hand are affected, the procedure lasts from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Special forms of incisions are made on the affected area on the palm in order to accurately remove what is needed till full or partial extension of the affected finger(s) is achieved (if possible). After that, the skin is sutured, bandages are applied and the hand put in elevated position. At the next check up, the bandages are reduced and moving fingers is recommended. Further detailed information on the course of the procedure will be given to the patient at our polyclinic during the examination.

RECOVERY: The patient is able to go home after the procedure. The surgeon will give tips to the patient on how to perform finger movement exercieses and make an appointment for the next check up. After the sutures are removed, approximately after 10 to 15 days, it is very often necessary to undergo rehabilitation process or physical therapy. The recovery process can take from few weeks to couple of months.

PRECAUTIONS: Complications are rare but possible despite the maximum measures taken by the surgical team. However, it is also patient's responsibility to avoid risks and complications. During the examination, your doctor will inform you of all the complications and precautions to be taken into consideration.

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