RightMed® test

The RightMed® comprehensive test is a medication response test (also known as a pharmacogenomic test) that identifies how your DNA may affect your response to medications. By ordering the RightMed® test, your doctor can identify which medications may work best for you and which may not when making prescription decisions.

How do my genes impact my response to medication?

Because medications affect everyone differently, determining the right prescription for you can be a challenge for your doctor. A drug that’s effective for one person may have no effect for another person, cause a partial response in someone else, or result in undesirable side effects for another. With medication response testing, we can unlock information about how specific drugs may affect you, based on your DNA.

When you take a medication, your body’s response is determined by many factors including
 your gender, weight, age, diet, other medications, any medical conditions, and exposure to environmental agents such as cigarette smoke. Your genetic makeup also can have a major influence. In fact, genetic factors can account for up to 95% of how you respond to medications.

Depending on your genes, your body may break down a drug too slowly or too quickly. If you metabolize a drug too slowly, you may be exposed to too much of it, which may result in side effects. If you metabolize a drug too quickly, you may not get enough of it to have any effect at all. Getting a medication response test may help your doctor adjust your medications to be more effective for you.

What is the RightMed® comprehensive test?

The RightMed® comprehensive test, co-developed by Mayo Clinic, is a doctor-ordered medication response test that analyzes your DNA to determine how you metabolize certain medications. It covers hundreds of medications that are used to treat many medical conditions. The analysis provided to your doctor clearly identifies which prescription drugs are — or aren’t — likely to work based on your genetic makeup and current prescriptions.

The RightMed® test has a simple sample collection process (cheek swab) that can be performed in St. Catherine hospital. Results, based on your unique genetic profile, are provided to your doctor at the St. Catherine Hospital.

Since your DNA doesn't change, the test results can help your doctors with medication decisions now and in the future.

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