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GlycanAge Test

GlycanAge® Test – The most reliable marker of biological age

The international team of leading scientists in the field of glycan analysis has been researching the aging process and the key factors in the process over the last 20 years. Unhealthy lifestyle is a trigger for the aging process enhancing the inflammatory processes that ultimately lead to disease development. How fast the inflammation will progress and develop into some form of the disease depends on the individual combination of the biological and environmental factors that we express in the form of biological age.

It has been found that changes in glycan structures on Immunoglobulin G (IgG) molecule occur 10 years before the onset of the first symptoms of the disease and are excellent biomarkers for early detection of risk factors for the development of the disease. Knowing the exact biological age allows accurate and insightful view into the true condition of an individual’s health by defining the difference between their chronological and biological age.

Glycanage® was developed on the basis of numerous scientific studies carried on more than 60,000 people, which reviled that glycans on Immunoglobulin G (IgG) provide insight into the actual state of the organism. High biological age is associated with elevated risk for disease development, inflammatory and autoimmune, as well as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The GlycanAge® test is not a diagnostic test for a specific disease, but a patented test that shows the overall state of the organism.

For health focused individuals, who pay special attention to their health, GlycanAge® is a big challenge since we all know our chronological age, but using cutting-edge technology and science empower us to accurately know our biological age and begin taking steps to influence this.

Did you know that about 54% of the biological aging (as measured by GlycanAge®), is determined by genes, while the remaining 46% influenced by the environmental factors, including lifestyle and disease?

Why GlycanAge® test?

Cutting-edge technology analyses an individual’s IgG glycans, providing considerably more predictive information than any other marker of biological age (such as telomere length).

Developed by an international team of award-winning scientists who have spent the last 20 years extensively researching aging and glycobiology, publishing over 100 peer-reviewed publications.

Validated by research studies on more than 60,000 individuals worldwide.

How GlycanAge Test is performed?

  • Arrange the term at St. Catherine Specialty Hospital
  • Performed using a basic prick test. The blood sample is then sent to laboratory Genos Glycoscience Ltd. for analysis. After 6 weeks your personalized report will be ready.
  • Understand how fast you are aging and take steps to positively affect and even reverse the process
  • Impetus to change. Ignite the drive to make changes to your lifestyle and influence your biological age

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