The Center for Radiology & Imaging at St. Catherine’s Hospital is nationally and internationally recognized as the premier center for cutting edge musculoskeletal, orthopaedic, spine and abdominal organs clinical imaging.

Approximately 15,000 imaging examinations are performed annually including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray and ultrasound.

The mission of the Center for Radiology and Imaging is to provide the highest quality diagnostic imaging for different conditions and provide image guided treatment options to support restoration of function and mobility. Our goal is to enhance the quality of patient lives through cutting edge diagnostic imaging in MR, X-ray and Ultrasound through development of new techniques that optimize early detection and treatment of different conditions.

The Center for Radiology & Imaging uses state-of-the-art equipment to permit extended field of view imaging which is easier for referring physicians to review.

Numerous worldwide patients have been diagnosed in our hospital, including: Garry Kasparov (former World Chess Champion), Marin Čilić (Winner of the US Open 2014 ), Aleksandr Viktorovich Khoroshilov (the first Russian male to win a World Cup race (Schladming, 2015) since 1981) Gordan Giriček (NBA player: Memphis Grizzlies, Orlando Magic, Utal Jazz), Bojan Bogdanović (NBA player: Brooklyn Nets), Mario Mandžukić (football player: Juventus, Italy and Croatian National Soccer Team), Luka Modrić (football player: Real Madrid, Spain and Croatian National Soccer Team), Ivan Rakitić (football player: Barcelona, Spain and Croatian National Soccer Team), etc.

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