Radiography (X-ray)

Radiography – X-ray procedure is a non-invasive diagnostic method which helps in making a diagnosis and treating various diseases. An X-ray procedure includes exposing a certain part of the body to low doses of ionizing radiation to produce a picture of the inner body parts. It is the oldest and most used diagnostic method of picturing the body.

X-ray of the musculoskeletal system is used for:

  • Discovering bone fractures, joint dislocation and other bone injuries,
  • Displaying parts of the fractured bone after various ways of treating the fracture, as well as tracking its healing,
  • Displaying changes on bones in joints with inflammation,
  • Displaying bone anomalies,
  • Displaying changes on bones in metabolic diseases (e.g. osteoporosis), inflammation and growth disorders,
  • Help in finding and diagnosing bone tumors,
  • Finding foreign objects visible on X-ray in soft tissue around or in the bone itself
  • Interventional procedures in orthopedic surgery under the control of X-ray scanning
  • Radiological imaging of bones is a painless diagnostic procedure.

You can feel discomfort dune to lower temperatures in the room where the procedure is taking place because the room has to be cooled for the machine to function properly. Furthermore, discomfort may be caused by lying on the hard table of the X-ray machine or the uncomfortable position of the part of the body that is being scanned. Our engineer of medical radiology will help you find the optimal position for your body taking your status and necessary body position into account.

Radiologist – specialist in radiology is educated to interpret X-ray scans. He/she will analyze the X-ray scans and will write a radiological report and also discuss it with the physician who indicated the scan if necessary.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital offers its patients X-ray scans in collaboration with Zabok General Hospital and Krapinske Toplice Specialty Hospital .

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