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How to Prepare for Densitometry?

• No special preparation is required.

• The patient is not obliged to come on an empty stomach.

• It is necessary to bring previous medical documentation for examination.

• Comfortable clothing is encouraged for easier removal of clothing from the area that is the focus of the imaging.

• Metal objects need to be removed.

• Indicate whether there is a possibility of pregnancy as the examination is then contraindicated.

What does the imaging process look like?

The patient is lying on his/her back, the radiation source is in the table below the patient, and the detector is above the patient. Sponge inserts can be placed under the patient to help straighten the body part in order to get the best possible position for imaging. During the exam, the detector moves above the patient. The duration of the exam is approximately 20 to 30 minutes, and the examination is completely painless.

Do not delay the examination, experience the pleasant atmosphere in the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital and make an appointment now.


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