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CT Urography

CT urography (CT of the urinary tract) is an advanced diagnostic technique that enables a thorough and precise examination of the urinary system. This procedure uses computed tomography (CT) to provide a detailed view of the structure of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder. For the purposes of this recording, it is necessary to use a contrast medium, which enables the visualization of all structures of the urinary system.

Key applications of CT urography

  • detection of tumors and cysts: CT of the urinary tract is extremely effective in detecting tumors, cysts or other abnormalities in the kidneys, ureters and bladder
  • analysis of concrements in the urinary system: precisely determines their presence and their size and location, which is crucial for choosing the appropriate therapy
  • assessment of inflammation: enables the analysis of possible inflammation within the urinary tract, helping to establish a diagnosis
  • monitoring of postoperative conditions: after surgical interventions in the area of the urinary system

Advantages of CT urotract

  • high resolution of the images: enables a very detailed visualization of the organs, which results in a more precise diagnosis
  • quick and efficient procedure: CT of the urinary tract is a relatively quick procedure
  • minimization of invasiveness: reduces the need for invasive testing, providing information without major discomfort for the patient

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