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CT Scan of the Lungs

CT scan of the lungs represents a crucial step in evaluating respiratory system diseases. This diagnostic procedure plays a key role in the early detection of potential issues, especially in individuals at increased risk of lung diseases.

Lung CT is a non-invasive diagnostic method that utilizes X-rays to create detailed images within the body. In the context of lungs, this technology enables precise visualization of lung tissue structures, aiding in the detection of various changes or lesions.

Many diseases and conditions cause changes in the lungs, and for the purpose of determining their extent and optimal treatment approach, CT lung scan is necessary. CT lung is an indispensable step in radiological diagnostics, as no other method allows for the evaluation of structures of this organ.

One of the key reasons for conducting CT lung imaging is the possibility of early detection of lung cancer. The early stages of this disease are often asymptomatic, meaning patients have no symptoms, but the disease exists in their lungs. CT scan of the chest enables physicians to identify potential pathological changes in the early stage, increasing the chances of successful treatment.

Lung CT is also used for screening purposes and is a key tool in the prevention and early detection of lung cancer. Carrying out this examination can significantly contribute to the preservation of health, especially in persons with an increased risk (smokers). Talk to your doctor about the possibility of a CT scan of your lungs to maintain your lung health.

When is „Low-Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening“ used? 

LDCT of the chest is used mostly for lung tissue diseases and the most important reason for using LDCT is screening for early detection of lung cancer. In any case, an indication is required for LDCT of the lungs.

According to the recommendations of the National Program, screening for lung cancer using the specified protocol is recommended:

  • people who have been heavy smokers for many years
  • people who have stopped smoking in the past 15 years
  • people who are between 50 and 75 years old

A CT device that enables imaging using minimal doses of radiation ("low dose CT" - LDCT) uses up to 50% less radiation than conventional CT examinations of the lungs (CT of the chest). We are proud of the fact that our device is SOMATOM Siemens Healthineers - Pro.Pulse CT. one of the safest available on the market. Reducing the radiation dose that each patient receives during a CT scan is one of the key elements of our technology.

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