We are introducing Majda Plišić, D.M.D., Specialist in Dental Prosthetics

Majda Plišić, D.M.D. joined the team of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital at the beginning of 2023

Majda Plišić, D.M.D has been continuously educated in several domestic and foreign work courses. The one that stands out most is the Master Program of Aesthetic and Functional Rehabilitation at the Fradeani Education (ACE Institute in Italy). Other CERP courses she attended are Model Management in Zagreb, 3D Imaging and Diagnostics, organized by the Nordic Institute of Dental Education, and Use of Lasers in Dentistry, organized by the World Clinical Laser Institute. 

She is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine (HKDM) and the Croatian Prosthetics Society (HDSP). 

She has received the "Best Doctor Award" for the last five consecutive years, which is an award chosen by patients exclusively.  

She is meticulous and patient in her work and approaches each patient individually to find the optimal functional and aesthetic solution.  

Read more at: Majda Plišić, D.M.D., Specialist in Dental Prosthetics

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