We are introducing Danijela Žakić Milas, Ph.D., Clinical psychology specialist

Danijela Žakić Milas, Ph.D. joined the team od St. Catherine Specialty Hospital in the middle of 2022.

She graduated from the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb, and completed specialistic study with thesis: “The Validity of the Gottschalk-Gleser Scales applied on the schizophrenic patients“. 2007 she completed her PhD Psychology thesis: “Characteristic of the Structure of Working Memory in Schizophrenic Patients“ at the Department of Psychology, University of Zagreb.

As a lecturer, she participated in many domestic and international congresses. Research experience included work as a researcher or research assistant in numerous projects, for example researcher in a project concerning the neurocognitive consequence of COVID; or on two projects related to dementia (burnout of caregivers).

Her professional interests include neurocognitive evaluation, especially differential diagnostic evaluation between MCI types of disorders and dementia. Also, she is specialized for complex personality assessments in clinical and forensic settings.

Read more at: Danijela Žakić Milas, Ph.D., Clinical psychology specialist

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