The First Mediterranean Symposium of Comprehensive Joint Care in Split from 5th to 7th of October

The First Mediterranean Symposium of Comprehensive Joint Care will be held in the hotel Le Meridien Lav in Split, Croatia,

On behalf of the Conference Scientific Committee, we invite you to attend First Mediterranean Symposium of Comprehensive Joint Care to be held in the hotel Le Meridien Lav (, Split, Croatia, October 5-7, 2018. Conference organisers are St. Catherine Hospital (, World Academy of Pain Medicine Ultrasonography ( and International Society for Applied Biological Sciences ( The conference is endorsed by European Pain Federation ( while the co-organisers are: University of Split School of Medicine and The Croatian Pain Society. Lecturers, coming from eight countries, are world-renowned experts in the fields of pain management, sports medicine and orthopaedics. Lecturers are coming from some of the most prestigious universities in the world, such as Stanford University, Mayo Clinic, Wake Forest University, Penn State University, University of Toronto, Innsbruck Medical University, Maastricht University Medical Center etc.

The comprehensive program of the Symposium will include topics such as clinical anatomy of the musculoskeletal system, modern radiological diagnostics, mechanisms of osteoarthritis, and management methods. Didactic presentations will discuss state-of-the-art treatment of osteoarthritis, such as an application of autologous microfragmented adipose tissue, mesenchymal stem cells, PRP, BMCA, denervation of joints and peripheral nerve stimulation. The last day of the Symposium is reserved for hands-on practical workshops, where participants will master the application of the latest diagnostic and treatment approaches. Workshops will present cell harvesting in regenerative medicine, intraarticular and periarticular application of therapies, ultrasound diagnostics, possibilities of treatment of large joints by neuromodulation.  For more information and to register, please click this link:

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