St.Catherine specialty hospital and British Group Operations Abroad Wordlwide signed a contract the development of medical tourism

Today in Zagreb, British Group Operations Abroad Worldwide and “St. Catherine ” Specialty Hospital have signed a contract on the treatment of patients, which has taken Croatian healthcare to another level in the development of medical tourism.

The contract was signed by Director of „St.Catherine“ Specialty Hospital Dr. Igor Borić and Board Director of Operations Abroad Worldwide, Ruth Taylor. Present on this special occasion were also Croatian minister of tourism, Garry Cappelli, Board Director of “St.Catherine” Specialty Hospital, Dr. Dragan Primorac and Jadranka Primorac, a “St. Catherine” board member.


Minister Garry Cappelli has complemented the excellence of work at “St. Catherine” Specialty Hospital and work of their Croatian doctors and their international recognition, and emphasized how proud he was  today to attend such an event that opened up completely new possibilities in Croatia for offering not only tourism but also knowledge. Dr. Dragan Primorac said “According to estimates, total revenue achieved today globally in the field of medical tourism exceeds $ 60 billion, and according to estimates in a few years that number will be more than 100 billion dollars. Croatian Healthcare has great professionals and this branch definitely needs to be a priority in our economy and it makes me happy to see that the Croatian government is making significant steps forward in this area.” While signing the contract, Ms. Ruth Taylor said, “I am especially pleased today to sign this contract with “St. Catherine” Specialty Hospital, which is the European center of excellence in their field of work and we want the hospital to become our main healthcare institutions in this part of Europe, where the citizens of the United Kingdom will be able to get treatment for their musculoskeletal system” Director of the hospital Dr. Igor Boric thanked Mrs. Taylor for the level of confidence she gave to the medical experts of “St. Catherine” Specialty Hospital, while a  board member “St. Catherine” Jadranka Primorac said that this cooperation gives special recognition not only to “St. Catherine” Specialty Hospital but also to the entire Croatian healthcare system.


Operations Abroad Worldwide Ltd., a leading British corporation in the field of medical tourism was established in 1999 and has provided successful treatments outside of their home country to more than 50,000 British citizens. All the patients who are in a treatment program through Operations Abroad Worldwide have “Total Care Package” which includes a complete diagnostic evaluation, care, surgery, rehabilitation and 12 months of postoperative insurance. This unique concept of personalized medical care conducted by “St. Catherine” Specialty Hospital was crucial in the establishment of cooperation between the two organizations.


Specialty hospital for orthopedics, surgery, internal medicine, neurology and physical medicine and rehabilitation “St. Catherine” in Zabok is a European center of excellence with the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation infrastructure. St. Catherine Hospital is a member of the prestigious group “The Leading Hospitals of the World.”  We are, as well,  proud to say that the St. Catherine Hospital has been proclaimed the best private hospital in the Republic of Croatia by the “International Certification Association” (ICERTIAS), while in the category of medicine and healthcare, the hospital has received a prestigious title “Superbrand 2016”. Namely, what made us particularly proud was our latest achievement; award for the “Best Hospital in the region” 2016. announced by  the Europe Business Assembly, Oxford, UK. At last, our hospital has entered the finalist circle of ““The European Business Award” in the Customer Focus category.

In June of this year, “St. Catherine” Specialty Hospital in collaboration with the famous American Mayo Clinic and the International Society of Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS) organizes one of the most important international science conferences in 2017 which will host five Nobel Prize winners.





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