St. Catherine Specialty Hospital on the most listened Italian radio - RTL 102.5

Prof. Carlo Tremolada in a radio show live from St. Catherine Specialty Hospital spoke about regenerative medicine, sports and cooperation with St. Catherine Hospital

Prof. Carlo Tremolada, one of Europe's leading plastic surgeons, joined the RTL 102.5 radio show live from St. Catherine Hospital where he is planning to conduct an innovative study related to the clinical application of stromal vascular fraction containing mesenchymal stem cells and other cells, together with prof. Dragan Primorac, M.D., Ph.D. 

The main topic of the radio show was regenerative medicine which greatly accelerates recovery after injury, and is especially useful for the prevention and treatment of athletes.

Find out more about regenerative medicine and its application in sports, as well as cooperation with the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital in a conversation with prof. Tremolada.

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