St. Catherine Specialty Hospital becomes the official hospital of the Croatian Ski Association

The Croatian Ski Association and St. Catherine Specialty Hospital signed a cooperation contract

The Croatian Ski Association (CSA) and St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, a European Centre of Excellence for Personalized Medicine, signed a cooperation contract making St. Catherine Specialty Hospital the official hospital of the Croatian Alpine Ski Team.

The Cooperation Agreement was signed by the President of the Croatian Ski Association, Mr. Miho Glavić, the director of the Alpine Ski team and Croatian Alpine Ski Pool, Vedran Pavlek, and Professor Igor Borić, director of the St. Catherine Specialty Hospital. The signing ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for St. Catherine Hospital, Professor Dragan Primorac, Mrs. Jadranka Primorac, Chief operating officer and a member of the Board of Trustees, and Croatian Alpine Skiers Leona Popović, Istok Rodeš, Matej Vidović.

“The Croatian Ski Association is proud and happy to confirm the signing of a Cooperation Agreement with St. Catherine Specialty Hospital, a European center for medical excellence and one of the most modern European hospitals. With this, we are joining a list of sporting associations and the Croatian Olympic Committee, which have chosen St. Catherine Specialty Hospital as their official health institution. St. Catherine Specialty Hospital will ensure that the Croatia Ski Association has all the health services at its disposal, including the most modern medical diagnostics, treatment, radiology, and rehabilitation programs. This will certainly ensure the best possible preventive and medical treatment of our competitors and members of the CSA if needed and in the prevention of sporting injuries. The contract will initially last four years; however, we hope that this is the start of long and bilaterally successful cooperation.” Read a statement from Miho Glavić, President of the Croatian Ski Association.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital 10 years ago introduced one completely new approach to the health care of athletes, which has shown to be exceptionally successful, and of course, this has brought great sporting achievements to Croatian athletes for whom we care. The new approach entails preventive examinations, early diagnostics, and timely multidisciplinary care. If needed, operative intervention and rehabilitation are all in one place and in accordance with the most modern guidelines for personalized medicine. I am thrilled at today's Agreement signing with the Croatian Ski Association and the start of one wonderful long-term cooperation.”, highlighted professor Dragan Primorac.

“I am already 20 years with the Croatian Ski Association, and I have overseen many injuries and the rehabilitation of our skiers. Therefore, I am outstandingly thrilled that our hospital became the official hospital of the Croatian Ski Association, and I am also happy that our best skiers will have the possibility to diagnostics and treatment of their injuries in one place. Of course, I wish that they use our services as little as possible; however, what St. Catherine offers our skiers is preventive medicine, that is to say, a variety of diagnostics and therapies which will benefit their health to avoid injuries in their sporting activities.”, stated professor Igor Borić, director of St. Catherine Specialty Hospital.

“We are delighted that our Alpine Ski team will, from now be able to receive complete medical care in one place, from all forms of examinations, diagnostics, and, if necessary, operative treatment under the guidance of experts equipped with the most modern equipment”, added the director of the Alpine Ski Team and Ski Pool Vedran Pavlek.

This sort of cooperation will help us elite skiers because, at St. Catherine, we can receive the best medical care. If it comes down to injuries, we know the doctors at St. Catherine will take care of us and ensure our quick recovery, but also prevent our potential future injuries.”, stated skier Istok Rodeš.

“The doctors and care are an important factor, especially with elite athletes. Unfortunately, I had enough injuries during my career and absolutely know how important health care is, from operation to rehabilitation but also everything else, so that we can quickly return to training and the snow. I am extremely happy with the best conditions we will have available at St. Catherine, but that will also help us prevent injuries. However, if anything bad does happen to us, we know we are in the best hands.”, added skier Leona Popovic.

“I am delighted that we have the support of St. Catherine Hospital because it is in Croatia and in Europe, one of the best medical institutions where we will get the support, care, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries. I am very happy and looking forward to the cooperation.”, stated skier Matej Vidović.

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital is the official hospital of the Croatian National Football team and the Croatian Olympic Committee, treating annually more than 50,000 patients from Croatia and abroad. Many of those are elite-level athletes from all continents. The hospital is a teaching base for four medical schools: the University of Split, Osijek, Rijeka, and Medical School REGIOMED from Bavaria. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and St. Catherine Specialty Hospital signed a cooperation contract. More than 150 employees, of which 75 are physicians working at 19 centers of excellence offering outstanding services at the St. Catherine Hospital. The hospital offers its patients in one location the most modern diagnostics, therapeutic modalities, and rehabilitation on par with the world's leading healthcare institutions. The hospital is a leader in the application of integrated and personalized medicine in clinical practice, such as pharmacogenomics, the application of mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of osteoarthritis, and predictive genetic testing with the goal of early detection or prevention of cancers.  In addition, St. Catherine Specialty Hospital offers a comprehensive model for preventing sudden cardiac death and other cardiovascular disorders by analyzing 294 genes and mutations associated with conditions that can lead to sudden cardiac death and other cardiometabolic disorders. The Croatian Ministry of Science and Education recently announced St. Catherine Specialty Hospital as a member of the “Scientific Center of Excellence for Personalized Health Care (SCE).”

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